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The Universitas Indonesia’s (UI) GreenMetric World Sustainability Ranking ranked Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan as one of the ten (10) Philippine Universities that led the country’s academic sector in the promotion of the reduction of carbon footprint towards developing environmentally-friendly universities.

In comparison to other ranked Philippine schools (Table 1), Xavier Ateneo performed the best in Water Sustainability (3rd) and Waste Management (5th). There is much room for improvements in Setting and Infrastructure (7th), Education and Research (8th), Transportation (8th), and Energy & Climate Change (9th). The results of the rankings in different categories would serve as basis and impetus for the university to enhance its environmental programs and activities in all its school campuses.

Table 1. Ranking in the Philippines


Total Score

Setting & Infrastructure

Energy & Climate Change




Education & Research

De La Salle University-Dasmarinas 7100 900 1525 1275 700 1225 1475
De La Salle University Manila 6970 810 1235 1500 650 1350 1425
Tarlac Agricultural University 6910 1185 1275 1050 450 1275 1675
Batangas State University 6760 975 1010 1425 500 1250 1600
Mariano Marcos State University 6740 1005 1560 1050 350 1175 1600
Bataan Peninsula State University 5595 595 1225 825 350 1250 1350
Mindanao State University Iligan State Institute of Technology 5160 660 1140 675 160 1225 1300

Xavier University Ateneo de Cagayan








Ateneo de Davao University 4570 610 850 900 410 1050 750
Manila Central University 4285 840 385 1350 600 835 275


Universitas Indonesia (UI) initiated world university rankings in 2010, later known as UI GreenMetric World University Rankings, to measure campus sustainability efforts. It aims to contribute to academic discourse on sustainability in education and the greening of campuses, and encourage university-led social change with regard to sustainability goals.Participating universities were evaluated based on the size of the university and its zoning profile (urban, suburban or rural), the degree of green space, electricity consumption, transportation, water usage and waste management. It also looked into the university’s policies, actions, and communication on sustainability, including sustainability courses and researches, among others.Some of the best sustainable practices implemented in Xavier University campuses include the operation of the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) and Vermicomposting facilities; usage of water and energy efficient appliances (e.g. LED lighting, water saving toilet); presence of rainwater harvesting and sewage treatment plant (STP) in SHS and ALGCIT; underground cistern tanks on main campus; implementation of environmental policies (e.g. ban of single use plastic, ban of styro based materials, use of reusable food ware, paperless transaction),  conduct of environmental research projects (e.g. bay-wide mangrove planting, etc.) among others.

Vermicomposting Facility (L) and Vermicast (R)

Bay-wide mangrove planting (L) and volunteers from PNP Binuangan during the outplanting activity sponsored by PICE-XUSC

Sewage Treatment Plant (ALGCIT-Dorm)

Xavier-Ateneo’s participation in the GreenMetric World University Rankings started in 2013 and was initiated by the Green Campus Agenda of the Vice President for Administration. Since then, this has been a regular agenda (i.e. discussion, updates from other units and submission report through an online survey) of the Green Campus Agenda Committee.The yearly participation in the Ranking enables Xavier Ateneo to assess and compare campus sustainability efforts with other institutions in the whole world. Being a member of the global network, XU was also able to share experiences and learn best practices on sustainability with other universities.

XU ranked 664th out of the 1,050 participating universities worldwide. Complete results of the rankings were uploaded on the UIGWUR website: http://greenmetric.ui.ac.id/rankings/overall-rankings-2022


The ranking serves as a reminder to everyone in the university to continuously work harder to promote and advocate for a greener and more sustainable Xavier Ateneo. This is a call which we boldly respond in solidarity with the rest of the 1,050 schools in the world.